Saturday, September 26, 2009

Georgia in the springtime

My brother stunned me last week with an incredible birthday present - a trip to the 2010 Masters.  My whole golfing life I have wanted to see Augusta National, and now I get to go to the third and fourth rounds of the tournament next year.  I could not be more excited if I won the lottery!

Lest you think this is no big deal, look at this from the official website of the 2009 tournament:

Tournament Tickets 
Tournament or "Series" Badges (Thursday through Sunday) have been sold to those on our patron list which was closed due to demand in 1972. A waiting list began in 1972, and was closed in 1978. It reopened in 2000, and it too is now closed.  No applications for "Series" Badges are currently being accepted. 

That's right, the ticket list closed THIRTY SEVEN YEARS AGO.  One waiting list was opened that year, but it closed 6 years later, then another waiting list was started, then that list was closed as well.  

So my chances of ever getting there were small.  Thanks Barry.

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