Tuesday, September 8, 2009

HDMI Switching

I have a big tv, but it's not very new, so it only has one HDMI input. And I wanted to plug in a cable box and my PS3/Blu Ray player, which called for two HDMI inputs. In search of a solution, I looked at HDMI switchers (too expensive), AV receivers (too much equipment), and a speaker system with HDMI inputs in the subwoofer (too many wires). Then I happened on this - the Mad Catz HDMI switcher built especially for the PS3. It fits perfectly, it works perfectly, and it has a bonus: a remote that controls the Blu Ray player in the unit. Amazon wants $76.99 for this, but I got it at Fry's for $12.95! A little research, and a perfect solution.

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