Friday, September 11, 2009

Good local community theater

I recently had the privilege to spend several years on the board of directors of my local community theater.  Town Hall is a professionally-run theater, with brilliant mainstage shows and a spectacularly successful education program (go Janice!).  I've been seeing shows there for years, plus I have been lucky enough to produce a few of the youth shows.

It is everything you want in a local theater: small confines, friendly atmosphere, food and drink (don't miss the ginger cake, generously donated by Chow), and wonderful entertainment.  There is nothing better than going to see a professional, high-quality performance and only having to drive five minutes to get there!

The current production, running through Oct. 4, is "Art" by Yazmina Reza.  It has won many awards, including a Tony award for Best Play.  I haven't seen it yet, but will be going soon.  And I have it on very good authority that this production lives up to the high standards Town Hall Theatre has set for itself.  There are performances on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, plus Sunday matinees.  Ticket info can be gotten here - I recommend you get to the theater to see it.

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  1. Will be interested in your take on "ART". I recently saw a rather good production of what I decided was an awful play. Had seen it in London years ago and loved it - do times change or was it always a bad script?


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