Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An SF-style restaurant in the East Bay

We have a lot of good restaurants in the East Bay of the San Francisco area, but they don't tend to measure up to the quality of good SF restaurants. Yet right in Lafayette there is a gem - simply called Metro Lafayette. And even though it is located in a shopping center, between a bank and a liquor store, you feel like you have headed into SF when you walk in the door. There is a sophisticated feel, a terrific bar (very well-stocked), and a menu that is consistently good. That it is reasonably priced is just a bonus. Our favorites include the chopped salad (with bacon, avocado and buttermilk blue cheese dressing), the Croque Monsieur (with top-notch fries), and the fettuccine (with peas, asparagus and leeks). When we go, we feel like we have traveled far from home, without having to make the drive.

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  1. I totally agree! And those are some of my favorite items on the menu, as well!