Thursday, September 10, 2009

Significant Birthdays

This month sees three significant birthdays for me.  The first is today - 80 years ago, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, Arnold Palmer was born.

I have played golf most of my life, something that brings passion and calmness both at the same time. And through all the years of playing and, yes, watching, there have been only a few golfers that have truly inspired me.  Arnold Palmer is at the top of that list.  His style was exciting in a game that mostly is not, and his sportsmanship and gentlemanly approach (in a field full of those qualities) stand head and shoulders above almost everyone who ever played the game.  He truly introduced me to golf, and his ongoing competition with Jack Nicklaus made me want to be a better golfer.  Now he is 80, and he is still the King.

(Side note:  I recently mentioned Arnie's birthday to a friend of mine in her 20s.  She said, "Isn't he the one who invented the iced tea drink?"   Oh well - we all get remembered for something.)

Happy birthday Arnie.

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