Monday, October 12, 2009

Beautiful watches

I have a small collection of watches, most of them inexpensive.  I like Swatch designs quite a bit, and recently I purchased the 70th anniversary edition of the Wizard of Oz mainly because of the  limited edition (ha!) watch that was included.

One of the most beautiful watches I have ever seen is the Lange 1 by A. Lange and Sons.  It is a beautiful design, extremely well-made and close to my ideal view of a watch.  Take a look:

The face is simply spectacular:

I don't own one, but one can always dream.


  1. Beautiful face, but I can't get into the gold. Have you ever see Dornbluth watches? Gorgeous. I think you would like them.

  2. How much do they cost? Also, what is the little hand on the right side for?

  3. Amazon offers one for just over $23,000:

    The right side is a power reserve indicator, showing up to 72 hours of power. Here is a good description:

    The power reserve indicator has 5 unequally-spaced triangular tick marks (see Figure 1). The topmost mark indicates a fully wound watch. The second mark indicates 12 hours of running, and the third mark indicates 12 more hours, for a total of one day. The next mark indicates 24 more hours, and the bottom mark 24 more, for a total power reserve of 72 hours. The watch will keep running for another 28 hours, but not accurately.

  4. Is it a kinetic watch? Reserve power?

  5. It is a mechanical watch - which means you wind it to make it run. Old-fashioned. The reserve power means that when it is fully wound, it will run for 72 hours. (Actually, it will run longer, up to another day, but the company won't guarantee accuracy during that additional period).


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