Friday, October 23, 2009

Bella Voce

My daughter Abby is in an advanced choir at her high school. The choir is known by the very pretty name of Bella Voce, part of an excellent choral program there.  There are 26 or so girls in her choir, and last night we went to see them perform at a local church, along with all-girl choirs from the other two local schools in her district. 

I get such pleasure from seeing my children perform in front of an audience, whether it is Sarah singing with her a capella choir, Sam playing his trombone with his several high school bands, or Abby either singing with the choir or performing in a theatrical show.  It must be a father's pride, but it is always such an enjoyable event.

Since Abby's choir has an Italian name, it seemed only fitting that none of the three songs they sang were in English - they were in Latin, Spanish and French:

What a nice way to spend a Thursday evening.

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