Monday, October 19, 2009

A different way to play golf

I played in a different sort of a golf tournament this weekend.  It was a 2-man scamble, meaning that my partner and I each hit a drive, then we go to the spot of the one we like best, and we each hit from there, and so on, until we have finished the whole.  Not that unusual, though most scrambles involve 4-man teams.

But in this tournament, we were only allowed to start with 7 clubs between us.  Then, for each birdie, we were allowed to add one club, continuing that way until we hit the maximum of 14 clubs (if we could get there).

For each bogey, we had to give up a club.  There was a downward limit of 5 clubs, and the rules said if we got to 14 clubs, we had to go back to 7.

Well, my partner and I shot 69.  We had 4 birdies, one bogey, and we lipped-out a lot of putts.  It was the classic sort of "that could have been a lot better."  If only.

Everyone agreed it was a fun format.  And who could complain about playing golf in mid-70s weather in the middle of October?

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