Saturday, October 10, 2009

Golf in the Olympics

The Olympics just announced that it will include golf as an Olympic sport, beginning in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro.  I think this a very welcome addition, but I wonder about Rio.  I don't know that Brazil is really known for its golf courses.

Tiger Woods says he'll compete, and Jack Nicklaus, with all his honors, considers an Olympic gold medal to be the highest:

"It's fantastic, an unbelievable day for the game of golf. The impact is going to be felt all over the world, which is what I've always felt about the game. The game is a mature game in many countries, but it never had the opportunity to grow in many others. People of all walks of life will be inspired to play the game of golf, and play for sports' highest recognition. For all sports, that has been a gold medal."

In my view, however, as it should be with all Olympic sports, I think this should be open only to amateurs.  The professionals simply have too much of an advantage.

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