Sunday, October 25, 2009

A new 1-star restaurant in Oakland

The Michelin guide has issued its new restaurant ratings for the Bay area.  One notable entry is a restaurant on Piedmont Ave. in Oakland, called Commis, which was one of only thirty-four restaurants to receive one star.  (There are four 2-star restaurants, and only one 3-star - The French Laundry).

Commis is small and has no sign out front - it would be easy to walk by.  It is owned and run by James Syhabout, a very talented chef with an impeccable background (he spent a long time at Manresa in Los Gatos).  The restaurant is very minimalist, with a prix-fixe menu.  We have a small dining club, and six of us went together there a couple of months ago, while it was still in a soft opening.  The food was superb, though with very small portions, and the service was top-drawer.

I'm pleased to see a new, small restaurant like this get recognized, and glad to have seen it at its start.

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