Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to Transylvania (or England)

We saw the play Dracula on Thursday night, put on by the drama department at Acalanes High School.  It is not a very well-written play, but the kids had a lot of fun, recognizing that it's pretty cheesy and playing it up for that.  When one of the characters, ready to confront the Count but needing the right weapon, says "I'll make the stakes," it only seemed right that another character (played brilliantly by Jason Long) says, "I'll make the salad."

We usually see Abby on stage, but she has been doing a lot of backstage work.  This show was her first opportunity to be the stage manager, basically in charge of the entire production.  Here she is, talking to the whole cast:

I think she must get this from her grandmother, who is an extremely accomplished director.

There were complicated sets and scene changes, great lighting and terrific live music.  I was so proud of her - she worked so hard on this job and it came out very, very well.

Just shows that even a bad play can look good when it is put on well.

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