Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Changing the music in my car?

With a long commute, good music is important.  I use my iPod a fair amount, but I don't have the largest collection of music, so it can get repetitive.  That is why I have XM radio in the car.  It's just a little device, but it gives me a wide range of choices.  And given how much I do drive, the $15 a month charge seems fairly reasonable.

When I am on my computer, I often listen to music via Pandora.  This online program lets me pick my favorite songs or artists and create "radio" stations that play similar music.  So I can have one that is classical piano, another based on Elton John, another based on Rosanne Cash.  And I can combine different stations into a "quick mix," which gives me more variety.

I realized the other day that the Pandora app on my Droid cell phone works just like the program on the computer.  And since it is mobile, I can easily use it in the car.  So I am testing out Pandora as a free substitute for XM radio.  

It's an interesting option - not sure which I will choose.

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