Friday, November 20, 2009

Chrome OS - Changing the way we use personal computers

I don't plan to discuss Google things much here, but yesterday's release of the code for the Chrome OS merits special attention.  Today we use different browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and, yes, Chrome) to access the Internet.  But we have to have an underlying operating system on the computer - which is Windows for most people.  Apple has its own OS, of course, and computer geeks use Linux.  But the operating system has to be there, even if we don't really understand it and, in many cases, we don't really like it.  What we like is getting on the Internet.

Chrome OS is going to simplify all that.  With Chrome OS, the operating system is the browser.  Applications work like they do now, only way faster and up in the "cloud."  (I know, it sounds like a trite word, but it is pretty accepted already.)  I am only mentioning this big announcement today because it is going to change everything we know about personal computers.

Here is a simple but effective explanation -- watch this video and you will see the future of the PC:

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