Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not just a dog

I talked a bit about Daisy a while back.  We also have two cats: a Russian Blue named Milo and a ragdoll named Snow.

Milo is a bit of an odd cat.  He seeks attention all the time, but he doesn't act like he always wants it.  He will wait for you to walk by and then reach out and hit you. And he doesn't get along with Daisy so well.  I think he is jealous of her.  I like Milo a fair amount, but I am in the minority.

Snow is much more mellow.  If you don't know the ragdoll breed, suffice it to say that they are bred to sleep in your lap.  And they are very large.  Snow fits both of these characteristics well.  If she didn't meow so loud and insistently when it was mealtime, she would be a perfect cat.

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