Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore

I am leaving DC today and heading up to Baltimore to visit my brother and his family for the weekend.  I don't get back to visit enough, so I am looking forward to seeing them for a bit. 

Baltimore holds a lot of memories for me, from my college days at Johns Hopkins, to the many visits there to see my brother's extended family, to the trips I took there during the last few years of my Dad's life.  It's a real American city, with a lot of history, and really good Chesapeake Bay crabs (though probably not this time of year).

In honor of my visit, here is one of my favorite songs (from Hairspray):

(Music on my blog.  Who knew?  Thanks Alice.)

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  1. I just figured it out myself! I think I want to put more music on my blog now. Have a great weekend!


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