Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Nutcracker

As we move into December, lots of people turn to the holiday performances of The Nutcracker. I am going to see the production put on by the San Francisco Ballet this year - looking forward to it.

But for a number of years, my wife was an executive with the Oakland Ballet (which shut down in 2006 but has now been resurrected).  Every year she was there, The Nutcracker was the financial highlight of their season.  The music got to her after a while - she won't go see it anymore.  But I always enjoyed the holiday excitement of the production.

For a number of years, the Oakland Ballet participated in the City of Oakland's Holiday Parade.  And one year, Sam and I got to be in costume on the Oakland Ballet's float.  Here he is with some of his friends:

And here I am, dressed up in my mouse costume (that's me on the right, next to my friend Jen):

One key advantage of doing this was that we were in the parade right behind the Oakland Raiderettes.  So it only seemed fitting that I should have gotten to meet some of them:

My one and only chance at Nutcracker stardom!

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  1. I like that the Raiderettes wear big jackets and small pants!

    I was also a mouse in the nutcracker at one time! I can relate to your wife regarding the music - took me a few years off to want to hear it again. Now I am in love with it all over again!


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