Monday, January 4, 2010

100,000 pounds of fruit

I wrote a while back about the Urban Farmers pilot project in Lafayette.  We are one of the 20 selected families for a pilot farm, and it is underway.  I'll update when it is farther along.

Today, however, we attended a related event - the delivery of hundreds of new fruit trees for our town.  The founders of the Urban Farmers project have separately embarked on a goal to add 1000 new fruit trees throughout local neighborhoods, and today was the first delivery:

The event brought together a cross-section of the community, all committed to helping the environment in their own way.  The delivery today was of 318 trees, all soon to be growing in backyards.  Here is a picture of two of the founders of the Urban Farmers project, Siamack and his son Cameron, demonstrating the proper pruning of a new tree:

We got two trees, a White Germain apple and a Rio Oso Gem peach.  We'll be planting them this week and should have buds later this year.

One statement from today stood out.  The goal, as I noted, is 1000 trees in the next five years (and 318 is a very good start).  Each tree would be expected to produce 100 pounds of fruit over that five years.  Which means that this little project, in one small town, would produce 100,000 pounds of new fruit that otherwise wouldn't exist.  That is pretty impressive.

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