Saturday, January 9, 2010

Brussel sprouts. Really?

So I am one of those people that lived his whole life absolutely hating brussel sprouts.  Worst vegetable ever.  Mushy, not tasty, ick.  Then one day we are at Metro in Lafayette and spotted brussel  sprouts on the appetizer menu.  We decided to try them and OMG!  They were unbelievable.  It turns out they quarter them and then flash-fry them for 30 seconds.  Heaven.  One time we went back and ordered a burger to share, but asked for brussel sprouts instead of fries.  As I was eating them, I said that if they told me I had to give one of the two items back, I would send the burger straight to the kitchen.

So Karen has been working on making these at home.  She isn't frying them - she quarters them, strips off some leaves, tosses the whole thing in olive oil, and bakes them on a cookie sheet.  Delicious!!

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