Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make yourself happy right now

My wife shared this list from the January issue of Health Magazine.  She said it's a "chick" list (and she's right), but a lot of it makes sense to me anyway:

1. Have the doughnut. Stop avoiding that amazing bakery. Walk in, buy that heavenly treat, and enjoy. One doughnut never killed anyone. 
2. Go ahead: vent. Shut yourself in your room for 10 min., and let it all out - laugh, cry, scream, pound a pillow. (Just don't pound the cat, OK?) 
3. Just say no. No, I don't have time to help you bake cookies for your sister's shower. No, I can't loan you 20 bucks. No, no, no, no, no! Wow, doesn't that feel good? (This is one of my biggest problems, I can never say NO!) 
4. Create an a.m. mantra. If your alarm's ring makes you groan, think one upbeat thought (it's going to be the best day ever). Now peel back the sheets, and get going! 
5. Splurge. Go for that pedicure, massage, or Pilates class you've been eyeing. Fine, they're not needs, but don't wants count for something? 
6. Repeat after us. Next time you're at the mirror and evil descriptors come to mind, say "Wow, I have a spectacular______(insert your favorite body part)" five times. 
7. Do up breakfast. Instead of skipping it (again), invite friends over for a potluck brunch-with mimosas. 
8. Slack like mad. You run around like crazy all week. This weekend, pencil in "absolutely nothing." Hello, mental-health day. 
9. Go for dessert. Hit a glam restaurant late, and just split creme brulee: 1/10th the price and calories of having the whole meal there. 
10. Say hi. Owe like 20 friends a call? Phone just one; you'll feel better instantly. 

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