Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The new phone is here

I've been using my new Nexus One for about a month, but couldn't say anything until today.  Now it is released and available on line -

It finally made me stop wanting an iPhone.  Really, really nice.

Available now unlocked or with a T-Mobile plan.  But here's an important note:  it is much better financially for you to buy the phone unlocked.  Here's why:
  • The $179 subsidized price requires an $80/month plan for two years - total cost:  $1920
  • The $529 unsubsidized price - an extra payment of $350 - allows you to get the exact same plan, but without any contract, for $60 a month.  If you kept it for two years, total cost: $1440.  You save $480, which recoups the $350 extra you paid for the phone, and gives you an extra $130.
Simple math.

And if you have Verizon service, it's coming there soon as well.

Update -- here are two good articles:
a well-written, thoughtful story about this new phone and how it compares to the iPhone
a good article explaining why you shouldn't compare the Nexus One to the iPhone

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