Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stars of Vancouver

Here is an interesting story in the NY Times about Apolo Anton Ohno.  I have to admit that, going into these Olympics, I did not have the highest opinion of him (Dancing with the Stars,really?).  But I have been impressed watching him, and this article is really instructive about who he has become over a long time.  

Shaun White was another one of those "famous" athletes that I did not focus on very much prior to Vancouver.  His performance in the half-pipe, however, was simply amazing.  It was great having the reference of all his other competitors, so you could really see how much better he is.

Pretty enjoyable Olympics so far - with lots of hockey to come!  And the hi-def broadcasts show what hi-def television was meant to be used for.  I am particularly amazed by the ultra-sharp slow motion replays.

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