Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another golf destination

A few years ago we went to Bandon Dunes, on the southern coast of Oregon.  It's a golf resort, but not really - just a small town, with golf courses that are meant to resemble those on the coast of Scotland - ocean views, wind-swept, dunes.  And it is kind of in the middle of nowhere - we had to drive ten hours from our home, because it is very difficult to fly there unless you go on a private plane.  Their motto:  "Golf as it was meant to be."

We had a really good time.  Karen explored the area while I played golf and, since we there over the 4th of July, we turned out with the entire town to watch fireworks over the Pacific Ocean.  That evening had that true small-town feel that we both like.

On our trip, I played the two courses that were open then:  Bandon Dunes and Pacific Dunes.  They were superb.  Since then, the resort has opened a third course, Bandon Trails, that looks terrific and has gotten great reviews.  And now a fourth is coming - Old Macdonald Golf Links:

This just looks spectacular.  I think we need to get back up there, soon.

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