Friday, March 5, 2010

Wake up California

On Wednesday of this week, the District of Columbia began to allow gay marriages to be performed legally within its borders.  This is another major step forward and shows how backward-thinking is Caifornia's Prop. 8, currently being challenged in federal court in San Francisco. 

One of the striking facts in D.C. was that the opponents of the D.C. law tried to obtain an injunction blocking it from going into effect.  They went all the way to the Supreme Court, where Chief Justice Roberts, acting on his own on behalf of the Court, issued a three-page order denying the injunction.  A close read of the Chief Justice's order doesn't show that he is prepared to strike down gay marriage bans, but it certainly seems to suggest that the issue is less decided at the Court than one might have thought.  

It's likely the Prop. 8 case is going to end up at the high Court, so this is a bit of an interesting interim result.

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