Monday, April 26, 2010

Funniest. Play. Ever.

Abby and I went to see Noises Off in Walnut Creek over the weekend.  It is a British farce (one reviewer described a British farce as being like a French farce, only funny).  Well, this was the funniest, most wacky, most hysterical play I have ever seen.  It is based on perfectly-timed slapstick, great character acting, and a very silly story about a group of not-very-good actors trying to put on a show amidst general mayhem.

The cast was superb, the set even better - a full living room in an English country home, with stairs to an upstairs landing and 6 or 7 doors with so many entries and exits you lose track. But the key is that the first act shows the actors putting on the show from this set, while much of the second act is shown from backstage - because the set brilliantly rotates 180 degrees.  And, of course, backstage you have to be quiet, so there is a great deal of acting via pantomime.  Just terrific.

Another suggestion from Abby for a great show I had never seen.  I liked this so much I may go see it again.

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