Sunday, May 30, 2010

The radiator as art

An Italian design company, Runtal, has a very interesting way with radiators.  The first one below is called the Splash:

That's it hanging on the wall, looking like a white piece of art.  It's made out of Corian.  Here is the "rough" translation of Runtal's description in Italian:

Runtal Splash
A beautiful work of art, you might think.
This object on the wall, in fact, does not show its true function at first glance. only when you touch and feel the heat radiating, the work of art reveals a hot body.
And the wonder you feel is no accident but the result of the combination of artistic inspiration ration and multi-material research.
Corian ® is the name of the material through which Runtal has succeeded in developing a new language of shapes in the design of its radiators. the motif of concentric circles created by Christian Ghion resembles a falling drop of water creates gentle waves. water waves to the eye, concealing heat waves.
Stillness and movement, art inspired by Zen

The second is a concept design, made out of wood and Corian:

Put one of these on your wall and see what kind of comments you get.

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