Monday, May 10, 2010

Sharing with the world (really)

This impresses me a lot.  There is an article in the NY Times today about enterpreneurial Google fans who are creating downloadable versions of the open-source Chromium operating system, the precursor to Google's Chrome OS, due later this year.  The story highlights a 17-year-old in Manchester England who has built versions of the OS that run on all types of computers, just using a USB flash drive.

What gets me is the amount of sharing this guy has really done.  If you go to his site, you find builds for Windows, Linux and Mac computers.  And when you click, say, the Windows instructions, you find a very simple set of instructions - 7 single line bullet points.  But he has provided these instructions in 35 different languages!  Here's the list:

Table of Contents

That is very cool, and the way information should be shared.

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