Friday, June 25, 2010

From the truly odd department

I am not a big fan of these types of stories, but I am a big fan of macaroni and cheese, so this story got my attention:

Cops: Siblings brawl over butter in mac and cheese
(06-23) 18:22 PDT Waterville, Wash. (AP) --
An argument over butter in a macaroni and cheese recipe churned into violence between a brother and sister. A 21-year-old man called police June 6 to say his 17-year-old sister tried to cut his neck with the serrated edge of a spatula.
The police report said the sister was making macaroni and cheese when her brother asked if she was using butter. That led to an argument over the difference between butter and margarine. And, then butter battle escalated.
The Wenatchee World reported the girl was charged in Douglas County Superior Court with fourth-degree assault.
That seems to me to be a little bit of an overreaction.

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