Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nice - it comes with a car

I spotted this article on CNN, about a superyacht that comes with its own supercar:
"Buy a superyacht get one supercar free!"
This could well be the sales pitch for the design of the "Strand Craft 122" -- an extravagant new superyacht that features a floating garage and matching handcrafted supercar. If built, it is likely to sell for $25 million.
Designer, Sweden-based 33-year-old Eduard Gray, told CNN that he took inspiration from the lines and curves of sports car, the Ferrari Testa Rossa.
"We have really tried to achieve a strong harmony in our design -- so that the car looks like it was literally born inside the hull of the yacht," he said.
But ultimately, he said, he wanted to design "something you want to be seen in -- the sexiest damn boat in the harbor!"
But you really have to see it to believe it:

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