Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our new deck

Well, the main part of the deck is finished, and we are pretty happy with it.  Here's a partial view of the new steps:

And a couple of shots of the main deck:

We still have a lot of detail work to do, plus furniture to add, but it is coming along.



  1. Your deck looks really great! It’s literally perfectly done. I would advise putting rails for the stairs though just in case. What furniture did you ultimately install on the deck? I’m thinking they should be dark to add some contrast.

  2. I assume this deck is so done now, so how about you show us how it turned out? Just curious to see how it looks with furniture and decors in it. Decks are awesome part of a house; they let you do the indoor things, like reading and dining, in the outdoor setting. | Ryann@|


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