Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An unofficial golf course

We happened to be looking at some sites in Scotland for a possible future vacation and Karen came across the Argyll Hotel on the Isle of Iona, which is located off the far western coast of Scotland. It sounds like a great adventure, but what really got my attention was the description of the golf there. The golf course may or may not be easy to find -from the official description:

Believe it or not Iona has a very strong tradition of Golf on the island thanks to classic 18 hole course situated on the Machair. It is not an official golf course, since there is no Clubhouse, toilets nor green fees. Instead it is a real golf course, set in grazing pasture on the west side of the island. With the Northern Atlantic as your backdrop, it is a very well laid out 4,491 yards, with cows and sheep representing some of the more challenging obstacles. Trying to chip over John McInnes's prize bull on to the 13th is no mean feat.

But you have to love how you get the course map:

The Golf Course Map is available at Post Office for a small donation.

I am all ready to pack my clubs.

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