Saturday, October 30, 2010

A first concert

I have XM radio in my car, and one of the stations I listen to a lot is E Street Radio.  It is a Bruce Springsteen channel, 24 hours a day of nothing but Bruce and the E Street Band.  He has been performing so long, and so prolifically, that I am not surprised how often I hear a really good song that I have not heard before.

One of the features of the station is that they replay live concerts from all different time periods, so you get to hear Bruce live and you get to see how his performances have changed.  The other day I turned it on and a live concert was playing; here is what it said on the radio:

Wow.  That concert, at the Capitol Center in Maryland, was the first Bruce concert I ever attended - 32 years ago!  It was really fun to listen to, and it simply amazes me he can still be going strong so many years later.

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