Monday, December 6, 2010

Tiger Woods returns

I am what you would call a "pure golfer."  I really care about the substance of the sport, not the hoopla.  So I have been a great fan of Tiger Woods, and so I was greatly disappointed when the man turned out to be less than the golfer.

But I am rooting for his return, because he simply is the best golfer that ever lived - and I say that as a lifelong fan of Jack Nicklaus.

Yesterday Tiger had a four-shot lead headed into the final round of the World Golf Challenge, and he let it slip away, and then he fought back.  In the end, he lost in a playoff to Graeme McDowell not because he played badly, but because McDowell simply capped off a fabulous year with two pressure-filled birdie putts.

This was the best part for me, from a story at
Without a trophy for the first time since he can remember, Woods appeared ready to embark on a new chapter after a year of personal turmoil and shocking scores. A four-shot lead turned into a two-shot deficit. He rallied to tie McDowell, then watched the U.S. Open champion deliver the winning shots.
It was the first time Woods has lost a tournament when leading by at least three shots going into the final round. 
And it was the first time anyone could recall Woods feeling good after a loss.

That's right - he didn't complain or whine. He congratulated McDowell and he said that he felt good about how he had fought to win.  That's a big change from the Tiger of old.
I had thought his career might be over, but now I think it might be starting up again.

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